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Vehicle logo bike pocket01 peewee
Peewee - Default SR2 variant screenshot
The Peewee in Saints Row 2
Class Bike
Hostage class Compact
Large Vehicle? No
Speed 50
Nitrous Speed 100
Mass 200
Torque 20
Hit Points 3000
Road Grip 0.075
Steering Speed 50
Steering Angle 80
Games Saints Row 2
Randomly Parked? No
Other #7266837 (#SCOOTER)

The Peewee is a vehicle in Saints Row 2.


The Peewee is a pocket bike. This tiny vehicle has decent handling, but requires practice to get used to its small size. It is also extremely vulnerable to damage, as a single crash can cause it to be destroyed. Road bumps are a bigger concern than with any other vehicle due to the small wheel size.

It was widely believed that the Peewee could be found in the back gardens of homes in and around the Suburbs district before Saints Row 2 was released.[reference?] This feature was not implemented into the game.


The Peewee can be added to your Garage by entering #7266837 (#SCOOTER) into your cellphone. Unlike other vehicle spawn codes, this is not a cheat. The unlock code was given to GameStop pre-order customers, along with the Destroy and the Gyro Daddy.

None of these three vehicles appear in the unlockable vehicles list, and take up a space in your 64-vehicle garage.


The Peewee can not be customized at a Car Mechanic, leaving the player no choice but to go with the default pink and white color scheme.

If modifying the Peewee is enabled in a PC mod, the Car Mechanic offers full recoloring options and the Nitrous boost.


  • The Peewee is the only bike which doesn't allow to use weapons.


  • Promo image of the Peewee
  • The Peewee in SR2
  • The Peewee in SR2
  • An alternatively painted Peewee in a SR2 PC mod


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