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Weap pistol nr4
Class Pistol
Cost $400
Ammo Bullet
Clip size 12
Pickup Ammo 15
Total Ammo 250
Damage 150
Refire Delay 300
Ragdoll Force 150
Range 120
Spread 2
Unlockable Yes SR
Requirement 2 Hoods
Used By Stilwater Police Department
3rd Street Saints
Appears in Saints Row
Saints Row 2

The NR4 is a pistol in Saints Row and Saints Row 2.


It is similar to the VICE 9 but has more power and a slower firing rate. It is the weapon of choice of the Stilwater Police Department; thus, though you can buy one for $400, you can usually find one for free when you tangle with the law. If one has trigger fingers, the NR4 becomes a very deadly weapon, coupled with its one-shot kill ability when shot in the head unlike the VICE 9 and its relatively fast firing rate. When properly used, one could take out approaching gang members or police before they are able to exit their vehicle.


  • The Cheat Code for this weapon in Saints Row is #674 (#NR4).
  • The Cheat Code for this weapon in Saints Row 2 is #942.
  • The NR4 is based on the Glock 21, a firearm which has since become known for its use by Law enforcement, but not as popular as the Glock 19.
  • The Protagonist can be seen using one in the E3 Trailer of Saints Row: The Third with something attached under the barrel it appears to be a laser sight similar to the one on the Kobra.[reference?]
  • The name "NR4" may be a reference to "NRA", as a 4 is often used to represent an A in "1337" or "leet" speak.


  • The NR4 icon in Saints Row
  • The NR4 in Saints Row 2
  • A real life Glock 17
  • A real life Glock


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