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Henry Steel Mills
Henry Steel Mills - Downtown
City Steelport
District Downtown
Gang Morningstar
Stores Friendly Fire, Image as Designed, Rim Jobs, Rusty's Needle
Notable buildings Syndicate Tower
Activities Guardian Angel, Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax
Collectibles 4
Territories 13
Games Saints Row: The Third

Henry Steel Mills is a neighborhood of Steelport.


Henry Steel Mills is a neighborhood that makes up the the island north of Loren Square. This neighborhood has many tall buildings and a few steel mills on the northern end of the island for which the island is named after, and with a notable commercial business area in the central area of the island. One notable skyscraper, is the Syndicate Tower, headquarters of the Morningstar, and the tallest building in Steelport.


Henry Steel Mills is home to a Friendly Fire, Rim Jobs, and Rusty's Needle. In addition, the Henry Steel Wharf property is located to the north. Activities include Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax and Guardian Angel.

Northwest of the Trafficking activity is a small building with a sign "Payne's Place - keep off the mud". When standing near the building, the sound of barking dogs can be heard. There are also 2 Toad's parked outside.


  • Rubble of the destroyed tower can be found on both sides of the building.
  • Payne's Place is named after David Payne, the Weapons and Props Art Lead.
  • This neighbourhood is the only Downtown neighbourhood not to be declared a restricted area after the sinking of the Thermopylae during the My Name is Cyrus Temple mission.
  • To the west of the east dock in Saints Row: The Third, an Estrada spawns in a boat spawning location.[1]


  • Payne's Place
  • "Payne's Place - keep off the mud"
  • Estrada in boat spawn location in Saints Row: The Third


  1. Image:
    Henry Steel Mills bike in boat spawn location

    Estrada in boat location

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