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L gatmobile
The Gat Mobile in Saints Row: The Third
Class Van
Hostage class Truck
Capacity 2
Large Vehicle? No
Speed 75
Nitrous Speed 85
Mass 5000
Torque 780
Hit Points 25000
Road Grip 0.035
Steering Speed 40
Steering Angle 35
Games Saints Row: The Third
Saints Row IV[1][2]
Randomly Parked? No

The Gat Mobile is a vehicle in Saints Row: The Third[3] and Saints Row IV.[1][2]

It's not uncommon to see things like various vehicles around the city, like, for instance, the Johnny Gat-mobile. And of course, that cigarette in his mouth is actually a flamethrower... this, er, vehicle usually has the right-of-way.
— Drew Holmes[3]


A large white van with a purple paint job and many fleur-de-lis on the rear, the Gat Mobile has a giant head of Johnny Gat on the front of it. The vehicle is always driven by a Johnny Gat Mascot.

Of the 86 land vehicles in Saints Row: The Third, there are 29 which are faster than the Gat Mobile, 40 which are slower, and 17 which are the same speed. Of the 3 vans in the game, it is second best in terms of speed, but has the greatest mass, torque and hitpoints.

The Gat Mobile is second in hitpoints only to the various tanks in the game.

Due to the size of the Johnny Gat head, the vehicle has difficulty exiting some Garages, such as the Burns Hill Reactors crib, and it is too big to enter the Saints HQ garage.


Gat Mobile flamethrower
Ui hud inv veh gatmobille
Class Vehicle
Ammo Fire
Clip size 255
Damage 600
Refire Delay 100
Ragdoll Force 0
Range 10
Trigger auto (flame)
Used By Gat Mobile
Appears in Saints Row: The Third
Saints Row IV[1][2]

The cigarette is actually a flamethrower.[3]

When driving and using the flamethrower at the same time, the flames are usually hit by the vehicle and not have any effect on enemies unless they are very close or the vehicle is driving very slow. The range of the flame is quite short and narrow, only hitting objects directly in front of the car at short range. The maneuverability is too sluggish to aim the flamethrower fast enough, making this very impractical.


In Saints Row: The Third, much like the Genki Manapult, when the horn is used, it sounds off the following quotes by Johnny Gat:

  • "A buncha assholes..."
  • "Ha... I love this part."
  • "This is how it's done!"
  • "You wanna play, motherfucker?"
  • "You think you can stop us?"
  • (a laugh)

In Saints Row IV, normal car horn is used instead.


  • In a parking lot in front of a Planet Saints store in the Yearwood.
  • In traffic, rarer than any other vehicle.
    • It has a default spawn chance of 0.10%.
    • It has a defined spawn chance of 0.10% in Ashwood and Camano Place.
    • It has a defined spawn chance of 0.20% in Loren Square.
    • It has a defined spawn chance of 0.50% in New Baranec.


The Gat Mobile has a total of 4 Vehicle Customization options. The available Wheel Sizes are 21-26 and the available Wheel Widths are 1-4.

  • 4 Exhaust Tips
  • Body Color (2 sections)
  • Trim Color
  • Interior Color
  • Window Tint
  • Rim Color


  • The Cheat for this vehicle in Saints Row: The Third is "givegatmobile".
  • There is no Cheat for this vehicle in Saints Row IV.
  • The "History of the Saints" feature explains Johnny Gat "uses the Gat-Mobile to travel to schools where he gives inspirational speeches to kids".[4]
  • Its name is a reference to the Batmobile, the vehicle driven by the DC Comics superhero Batman.
  • The vehicle shows Johnny Gat's face with a cigarette in his mouth. However, at no point in Saints Row game is it mentioned that Johnny smoked, though the Johnny Gat mascots often smoke.
  • When in motion and turning, the hair on the Gat Mobile wobbles.
  • Despite its connection to Johnny Gat and the Saints, it still must be stolen to obtain it without using the Cheat.
  • As well has having special horns, both the Gat Mobile and the Genkimobile possess built-in flamethrowers.
  • The rear is based on an Anchor.


  • The Gat Mobile in Saints Row: The Third
  • In the background the Gat Mobile is depicted breathing fire
  • The Gat Mobile without the hair after damage from explosions
  • Gat Mobile in the Garage, angled
  • Gat Mobile in the Garage, front
  • The Gat Mobile outside a Planet Saints store
  • The Gat Mobile in action
  • The Gat Mobile after activating nitro.
  • Gat Mobile in Saints Row: The Third
  • Gat Mobile in Saints Row: The Third
  • Gat Mobile in Saints Row: The Third
  • Gat Mobile in Saints Row IV
  • Gat Mobile in Saints Row IV
  • Gat Mobile in Saints Row IV
  • Gat Mobile in Saints Row IV
  • Gat Mobile in Saints Row IV


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