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Freckle Bitch's is a chain Fast Food restaurant around Stilwater in both Saints Row and Saints Row 2.


A Freckle Bitch's in Saints Row 2 with an Oring parked outside.

You Can't Beat Our Meat
— Slogan


Freckle Bitch's slogan is "You Can't Beat Our Meat", and is played on their radio commercials and on signs around Stilwater. The mascot used on radio commercials is a promiscuous young woman who talks about being "all grown up" after working in her "daddy's restaurant". In Saints Row 2, her voice is changed from a perky teenager to a much older woman with a raspy voice who coughs throughout the advertisement.


  • "Value" is used for choosing which item to replace
Image Name Type SR1 Cost SR2 Cost Value Health Description
Item food TheFist The Fist Food 150 100 100 75 A pound and a half of meat, tomatoes, onions and hot spicy brown mustard. This big-ass burger is huge.
Item food ChickenBazooms Chicken Bazooms Food 50 75 100 60 Giant, oval chicken nuggets
Item food TheTwins The Twins Food 100 50 90 40 Two identical half pound burgers
Item drink BigSwallow Big Swallow Drink 20 20 80 20 A styrofoam cup of any delicious cola beverage.


*1 - Saints Row
*2 - Saints Row 2


Freckle Bitch's branded vehicles.


  • Characters in the game often mention wanting to eat at Freckle Bitch's.[1][2][3]
  • The phone number for Freckle Bitch's is 555-MEAT (555-6328).
  • The food sold at Freckle Bitch's are references to sexual slang. A non-purchasable entree is referred to as a "Fun Bag", which is a parody of a kid's meal. Troy mentions wanting to get one in Saints Row.[4]
  • The restaurant is a parody of the popular North American fast-food chain, Wendy's, founded by Dave Thomas, and the Freckle Bitch's mascot on Melinda Lou Thomas, his daughter whose likeness was used as the Wendy's trademark.
  • In the Gearbox game Duke Nukem: Forever, when fighting through Duke Burger Kitchen, if an enemy or Duke shoots a jar of Duke Sauce, Duke says "Better than Freckle Bitches!".

Saints Row 2Edit

  • Freckle Bitch's female mascots wear roller skates and drive Orings. The only male mascot wearing roller skates is Hitman target Scott.
  • "Freckle Bitch's Freckles" is makeup option during Player Customization. It is also possible to customize The Protagonist to look like Freckle Bitch's female mascots though their hair accessory and roller blades are unavailable.
  • The Hitman target, Greg the Company of Gyros mascot, is triggered by ordering from Freckle Bitch's.
  • After calling 555-MEAT, a Freckle Bitch's Oring drives to The Protagonist's location, and the driver exists, but does not function as a store. The driver drops a Freckle Bitch's food item when killed.
  • Sometimes female civilians (who sound like Female Voice 3) mention that Freckle Bitch's use their dogs for meat.
  • The voice in the Freckle Bitch's commercial changes drastically between Saints Row and Saints Row 2.
  • Freckle Bitch's food items "The Fist" and "The Twins" can also be purchased at Charred Hard Burgers; only "Big Swallow" and "Chicken Bazooms" are exclusive to Freckle Bitch's.
  • A Freckle Bitch's Big Swallow drink cup is the model used for all non-alcoholic drink items.
  • There are two Freckle Bitch's Logo options. The "Joystick Junkies T-Shirt 2" (DLC) is a Freckle Bitch's brand t-shirt.
  • The Cecil Park Freckle Bitch's does not, like the other stores, have Freckle Bitch's signs. Instead it has Pecas De Puta, which translates from Spanish to 'Whore's Freckles'.

Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

  • With food being replaced with "off hand" weapons, Freckle Bitch's does not appear in Saints Row: The Third. During an interview with Qt3 Games Podcast, Project Design Director Scott Phillips explained that the development team remained split on their opinions on Freckle Bitch's. Phillips himself stated he did not personally like Freckle Bitch's due to its name, as it lacked any subtlety or cleverness (comparing it to Grand Theft Auto Burger Shot).[5]
  • In the final cutscene for "STAG Film", when The Protagonist is giving a speech on TV on Channel 6 News, the newsticker says that it is a free cheeseburger day at Freckle Bitches.[6]

Saints Row IVEdit

  • In the mission "King Me", The Protagonist states their surprise over Freckle Bitch's never opening in Steelport, saying that "Councilman Phillips never did have a sense of humor", alluding to Project Design Director Scott Phillips' comments on its lack of appearance in Saints Row: The Third during the Qt3 Games Podcast (see above).
  • A news ticker says that there is a nationwide closure of Freckle Bitch's.[7]
  • There is a skin for the Guardsman AR named Freckle Bitch's with the description "The Bitch is back!"[8]
  • A Freckle Bitch's t-shirt is available at Let's Pretend.
  • In an audiolog, Asha Odekar admits that she dislikes Freckle Bitch's hamburgers, calling them "god awful", and is confused as to why the Saints like them so much.
  • When Idle, Maero sometimes says "What kind of city doesn't have Freckle Bitch's?" showing his like for Freckle Bitch's fast food.
  • When Idle, Female Voice 1 mentions they miss Freckle Bitch's.


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