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Fight Club is an activity in Saints Row 2 and Saints Row IV.


Saints Row 2Edit

Focusing entirely on melee combat, the Fight Club Activity puts the player up in a confined ring, against increasing numbers of opponents, as well as increasing the toughness of each opponent. Once all enemy combatants have been eliminated, the player progresses to the next round.

As each round progresses, food items are thrown into the ring for each opponent defeated, as well as Improvised Weapons such as chairs, cinder blocks and tires. These will break after several uses, and can also be used by opponents.

Fight Club is a showcase for the new 'Finishing Move' system, where the player must perform a 'Quick Time Event'-based take down on an enemy when their health drops below a certain level. The lower the opponents health, the easier it is to perform the finish them. This 'Finishing Move' system is also used in Zombie Uprising.

There are two fight club locations with 6 levels at each location.

Saints Row IVEdit

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The Fight Club in Saints Row IV is quite different than the one in Saints Row 2, first you see The Protagonist and the boss of the stage in a VS Screen, after that you have to kill every enemy, play "King of the hill", fight minibosses (Ex: Genki Girls), and in the end fight a character from previous Saints Row games who can use Super-powers aswell (Ex: Nyte Blayde, Julius, Jyunichi). The faster the player can finish the activity the better will be their medal.


Saints Row 2Edit

  • Unlock screen for Legal Lee
  • Unlock screen for Troy
  • 15% Increased Melee Damage
  • 30% Increased Melee Damage

Ultor DomeEdit

  • Level 3: Pumped up (15% Increased Melee Damage)
  • Level 6: Pumped up (30% Increased Melee Damage)

Stilwater PenitentiaryEdit

Saints Row IVEdit

  • Achieve Silver Medals in all 3: The Genki Girls can be called for support.
  • Achieve Gold Medals in all 3: Acquire the Passive Agressive Buff Power


  • The Don't Talk About It achievement is a reference to the famous line from the movie Fight Club, in which Tyler Durden says "The first rule of fight club is 'you do not talk about fight club'"
  • Sometimes, some of the fighters will reference lines in Fight Club. One such fighter says, "It is only when you have lost everything, that you are free to do anything."
  • It is one of the few activities when the player is killed that does not register on the statistics
  • It is not possible to take a Human Shield during this activity, but it's possible to throw an opponent, if he has less than 50% of health.
  • While the activity does not appear in Saints Row: The Third, its logo is used for the Gang Operation diversion.


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