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Crowd Control is an Activity in Saints Row 2.


In this Activity, The Protagonist must protect a celebrity from people attacking them, and make a specified amount of money within the time limit. The Protagonist starts unarmed, and must rely on fists to waylay attackers, after the first wave, violent fans begin carrying melee weapons and then firearms. Attackers can be thrown into destructible scenery or special environment weapons to gain bonuses along the way, these vary with each location.

The earlier levels of this Activity don't produce "crazy" fans, with them just harassing (and on occasions throwing the odd punch or hitting the celebrity with a melee weapon; e.g. bat). Levels 4-6 provide more aggressive fans. Levels 5 and 6 produce fans with armed weaponry, including pistols and assault rifles.


  • Archibald Nice
  • Vinnie

Archibald Nice hires The Protagonist to protect some of the celebrities he maganed from crazy fans, saying that gang members make better bodyguards.

Vinnie, the loan shark in Saints Row, has gotten out of the Loan Sharking business and gone into the porn industry, after his enforcers Mike and Dan went on to be professional poker players. He asks The Protagonist, who is now leader of the revived 3rd Street Saints to protect his "talent" from their fans, "as porn fans are well, porn fans."

Scenery WeaponsEdit

  • Helicopter Blade
  • Metal Detector
  • Oncoming Train
  • Lumberjacks with Chainsaws
  • The rear of a Garbage Truck
  • Jet Engine
  • Conveyor Belt
  • Gong
  • Chinese Fireworks
  • Treadmill
  • Trampoline


  • 5% Clothing Discount unlocked
  • 15% Clothing Discount unlocked
  • Pepper Spray unlocked
  • Chainsaw unlocked


  • It is possible to exit out of this Activity using a glitch and keep the bodyguard uniform.
  • The easiest way to drink more than 4 alcoholic drinks at once is through this Activity, because only 4 Food items can be held at once, and entering a store to buy more cancels any "drunkenness". After level 6, there should be plenty of 40. ozs on the ground. Pick up 4, drink them, then pick up more. The Protagonist pukes, walks funny, and makes drunk comments about his lieutenants and other situations.


  • Archibald Nice


  1. Note: Both instances must be completed.
  2. Note: Suburbs District, level 3
  3. Note: Suburbs District, level 6
  4. Note: Hotels & Marina District, level 3
  5. Note: Hotels & Marina District, level 6
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