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L condor
The Condor in Saints Row: The Third
Class Heli
Hostage class Exotic
Capacity 5
Large Vehicle? No
Speed 180
Nitrous Speed 100
Mass 4500
Torque 1000
Hit Points 7000
Road Grip 0.025
Steering Speed 40.0
Steering Angle 35.0
Games Saints Row: The Third
Related F-69 VTOL
Law Enforcement STAG
Areas Sunset Park
Randomly Parked? No
Other Complete "My Name is Cyrus Temple"
Steal from STAG base in Sunset Park

The Condor is a vehicle in Saints Row: The Third.


The Condor is the STAG's transport VTOL, used to ferry and deploy troops into combat zones while being supported by F-69 VTOLs. It packs dual miniguns on its wings, but is not very maneuverable.

Like the F-69 VTOL and Specter, the Condor has two modes, flight and hover.

As with all aircraft, it is not possible to move the camera while in flight mode unless the Aircraft Controls option is set to "Advanced". The mounted gatling lasers are not very powerful when compared to other STAG weaponry, but it can be fired in full-auto for at least 10 seconds, with very quick cooldown.

This vehicle is very useful for transporting groups of Homies to other locations because of the multiple spaces in the back of the vehicle and a second one in the cockpit.



  • The Cheat for this vehicle is "givecondor".
  • Because it has a capacity of 5, sometimes all three homies following The Protagonist enter the back, instead of one going to the secondary cockpit seat. The only way to use all 5 seats is in Co-op.
  • Like the other STAG aircraft, it cannot land while in jet mode.
  • The logo for the vehicle says Condor VTOL.
  • It has the numbers "69371" on its side.
  • Even though it has a large back door, Oleg cannot ride in it.
  • Any players or Homies exiting from the rear compartment will automatically equip an assault rifle when doing so, defaulting to a K-8 Krukov if they do not currently possess one. This includes Homies who normally cannot use weapons, such as Burt Reynolds.
  • According to developer commentary[link?], the Condor's design was based upon the Imperial Guard's Valkyrie Assault Carrier from Warhammer 40,000[1], and closely resembles the aircraft from the Terminator Franchise.
  • Despite the mounted guns being lasers, they sound like gatling guns.
  • Unlike the Specter and the F-69 VTOL, actually there's no DLC vehicle that reuses the Condor's behaviours.
  • The Condor can be seen in the beginning cutscene of "Kinzie's Adventures" in Saints Row IV, although the vehicle doesn't appear in the game.[2]


  • The Condor in hover mode.
  • The Condor in jet mode.
  • The Condor in hover mode.
  • The Condor attacking.
  • Condor in Garage
  • Condors at Sunset Park
  • The Condor in the beginning cutscene of "Kinzie's Adventures" in Saints Row IV


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