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This is the parent category for Characters in the Saints Row series.
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Article Gender Affiliations Occupations Home
Aisha F 3rd Street Saints
Kingdom Come Records (record label)
Professional R&B Singer Stilwater
Aisha's sister F Stilwater
Aisha Brutella F 3rd Street Saints Steelport
Andy Zhen M Director Hollywood [reference?]
Angel De LaMuerte M Luchadores pre-SRTT
3rd Street Saints SRTT
Enforcer, Wrestler Steelport
Angelo Lopez M Los Carnales
Gangster, Drug Trafficking Stilwater
Anna F Talk-show host Stilwater
Anthony Green Male Vice Kings Bodyguard of Benjamin King Stilwater
Asha Odekar F 3rd Street Saints
MI6 Agent [1]
Special Liason to the CIA
Benjamin King M Vice Kings SR
3rd Street Saints SR SRIV
Vice Kings leader SR
Writer SR2 SRTT[2]
Chief of Staff SRIV[3]
Brute The Syndicate
Bums experimental drug tester [reference?]
mugging tourists [reference?]
war veterans [reference?]
Burt Reynolds M Phillipe Loren pre-SRTT
Viola DeWynter
3rd Street Saints
STAG temporarily
Mayor of Steelport
C.I.D. Zin Empire
CID 3rd Street Saints Hacker
Carlos M 3rd Street Saints Loan Sharking[5] Stilwater
CheapyD M 3rd Street Saints Steelport
Chicken Ned M The Protagonist, Lik-a-Chik Mascot Stilwater
Chief Monroe M Vice Kings
Richard Hughes
Stilwater Police Department
Chief of Police Stilwater
Clawz M Himself
Zinyak (temporarily)[6]
"Christmas-hating" warlord bent on "permanently" ruining the holidays.
Cyrus Temple M STAG
Monica Hughes
Josh Birk
Commander of STAG SRTT
Terrorist SRIV
Dane Vogel M Ultor Corporation
Troy Bradshaw
The Ronin
Ultor Head of Special Projects SR2
Ultor Chairman SR2 end
Dex M 3rd Street Saints SR
Ultor SR2 SRCW
Lieutenant for the 3rd Street Saints SR
Head of Security for Ultor SR2 SRCW
Dom the Dom M
Donnie M Westside Rollerz SR
Brotherhood of Stilwater SR2
3rd Street Saints ETD
Mechanic Stilwater
Eric Gryphon M Ultor Corporation
3rd Street Saints
Ultor's Head of Projects SR2
Director of Special Projects SRTT
Hector Lopez M Los Carnales
Colombian drug cartel
Drug Trafficking
Helmers Male Pimp Stilwater
Jane Austen F 3rd Street Saints
Jane Valderamma F The Protagonist, Channel 6, Zinyak News reporter
Jenny F The Protagonist
3rd Street Saints
Space Amazons
Actress Steelport
Jessica F The Brotherhood Stilwater
Jimmy Torbitson M Steelport
Johnny Gat M 3rd Street Saints Stilwater
Johnny Tag M 3rd Street Saints
Jimmy Torbitson (creator)
Joseph Price M Westside Rollerz Illegal Street Racing Stilwater
Josh Birk M 3rd Street Saints
Actor Stilwater
Julius M Vice Kings Pre-SR
3rd Street Saints SR SRIV
Ultor SR2
Jyunichi M The Ronin Stilwater
Katie F Ultor Secretary Stilwater
Kazuo Akuji M The Ronin Crime Lord Japan
Keith David M 3rd Street Saints
Zin Empire[8]
Actor [9]
Vice President [9]
President of Virtual Steelport Briefly [10]
Kia F STAG STAG Officer
Kiki DeWynter F The Syndicate
Art dealer
Human trafficking[11]
Prostitution ring
Killbane M The Syndicate
Leader of the Luchadores Pre-SRTT–SRTT
Leader of the SyndicateSRTT Act 2–Act 3
Kinzie Kensington Female FBI Pre-SRTT
3rd Street Saints SRTT
FBI Agent Pre-SRTT
Computer Hacker & Conspiracy Theorist SRTT
White House Press Secretary SRIV
Laura F Tobias
3rd Street Saints
Drug Trafficking Stilwater
Legal Lee M 3rd Street Saints
Johnny Gat
Insurance Fraud
Levar M Vice Kings Gang member Stilwater
Lin F 3rd Street Saints
Westside Rollerz
Luz Avalos F Los Carnales SR
Colombian drug cartel SR2
The Protagonist SR2
Drug Trafficking SR2 Stilwater
Maero M The Brotherhood SR2 SRIV
3rd Street Saints SRIV
Gun-Runner, Extortionist, Armed Robber Stilwater
Manuel Orejuela M Los Carnales SR
Colombian drug cartel
3rd Street Saints
Marauders Zin Empire
Mark Gabby M Sons of Samedi Drug trafficking Stilwater
Marshall Winslow M Mayor of Stilwater Stilwater
Marvin M Drug Dealer Stilwater
Matt M The Brotherhood Lead guitarist of the Feed Dogs, personal tattoo artist to Maero Stilwater
Matt Miller M The Syndicate
3rd Street Saints SRIV
Money laundering
Leader of the Deckers
MI6 agent SRIV
Monica Hughes F The Protagonist
Mayor of Stilwater
U.S. Senator
Mr. Sunshine M Sons of Samedi Business Owner
Drug Trafficker
Voodoo Priest
Radio Host
Mr. Wong M 3rd Street Saints Stilwater
Mrs. Claus F
Murderbot Zin Empire
Nick McGee M Actor
Nyte Blayde (character) M STAG SRTT[12]
Matt Miller SRIV
3rd Street Saints
Vampire hunter
Oleg M 3rd Street Saints Enforcer
KGB Agent pre-SRTT
Paul Zin Empire
The Dominatrix
Phillipe Loren M The Syndicate
Burt Reynolds pre-SR:TT
Ultor Corporation pre-SR:TT[13]
International arms dealer, "Leader of the criminal fraternity in Steelport"[14] Steelport
Pierce M 3rd Street Saints Lieutenant SR2 to SRTT
Communications Director SRIV
Mayor of Steelport ETD
Professor Genki M Zach and Bobby
Genki Girls
Genki Mascot Army
Game Show Host Steelport
Prostitutes female Prostitutes
Richard Hughes M Chief Monroe
Ultor Corporation
Alderman of Stilwater Stilwater
Richie M Drug dealer Stilwater
Roddy Piper M 3rd Street Saints Wrestler
Samantha F 3rd Street Saints
The Protagonist
Samson M 3rd Street Saints Car mechanic
Demolitions expert
Santa M 3rd Street Saints North Pole
Shaundi F 3rd Street Saints
Veteran Child Pre SR2
Drug trafficker SR2
TV host/Reality TV Star SRTT SRIV
Director of the Secret Service SRIV
Queen of the Raptors ETD
Shogo Akuji M The Ronin
Space Brutina F Actress
Stefan M Tanya Winters Proprietor of Impressions Stilwater
Strippers female Strippers
Tammy Tolliver F Reporter Steelport
Tanya Winters F Vice Kings Gangster, owner of Raykins Hotel brothel Stilwater
Tera F Ultor pre-SR2UE
3rd Street Saints
The Dominatrix F Zin Empire Leader and AI of the Zin Empire
The General M Sons of Samedi Drug Trafficker Stilwater
The Protagonist *3rd Street Saints * Enforcer SR1
  • Second-in-command SR1
  • Gang Leader SR1 End SR2 SRTT
  • Actor Gangstas in Space
  • Counter Terrorist SRIV[22]
  • President of the United States SRIV [23]
  • Ruler of the Zin Empire SRIV End [24]
Tobias M 3rd Street Saints Drug Trafficking, helicopter pilot Stilwater
Translator M Translator
Troy M 3rd Street Saints
Stilwater Police Department
Undercover Cop SR
Chief of Police SR2 SRTT
Velociraptor Ned M 3rd Street Saints Virtual Steelport
Veteran Child (character) M Sons of Samedi
Drug Trafficking Stilwater
Victor Rodriguez M Los Carnales
Enforcer Stilwater
Viola DeWynter F The Syndicate
3rd Street Saints
Human Trafficking[11]
Head of the Federal Reserve
Warden Zin Empire
Warren Williams M Vice Kings Rapper
Manager of Kingdom Come Records
Wheel Woman F 3rd Street Saints Stilwater
Will M 3rd Street Saints Pimp Stilwater
William Sharp M Westside Rollerz Lawyer Stilwater
Zach and Bobby M Announcers Steelport
Zimos (character) M The Syndicate
3rd Street Saints
Pimp Steelport
Zinjai M Zin Empire
3rd Street Saints Post-SRIV
Zinyak M Zin Empire
Clawz (temporarily)[6]
Leader of the Zin Empire
Commander of the Zin Invasion Fleet[25]
Zinshire [26]
Zombie Carlos M 3rd Street Saints
Zombie Gat M 3rd Street Saints SRTT
Zinyak SRIV
Zombie Lin F 3rd Street Saints
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