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Apocalypse Genki is an Activity in the Genkibowl VII DLC for Saints Row: The Third.


It's the first activity unlocked when purchasing Genkibowl VII. It has the same set-up as Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax, except it's in a fake jungle. It adds more features such as a shark that jumps out of the water to eat any mascots and possibly players too. Instead of starting out with KA-1 Kobra, like in SERC, the player starts out with a Grave Digger in the first activity, but bare-handed in the second.

It's compatible with Co-op.

There are 2 Apocalypse Genki activities, the second is available as an activity after beating the first one.



  • Gameplay instructions from Apocalypse Genki.
  • Gameplay from Apocalypse Genki.
  • Apocalypse Genki complete screen.
  • Apocalypse Genki unlock screen.
  • Item - Angry Tiger Mask unlocked.
  • Homie - Angry Tiger unlocked.


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