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K12 FM 97.6[1], AKA 97.6 K12 FM[2], AKA K12 97.6[3][4][5] is a Radio Station in Saints Row, Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV.

Saints RowEdit

In Saints Row, K12 FM 97.6 mostly plays electronic Breakbeats and Drum'n'bass.

Most Westside Rollerz vehicles are set to this station.[6]


The DJ in Saints Row is Liquid Todd.[7]

SR1 announcer K12 0091 Liquid Todd


Saints Row 2Edit

In Saints Row 2, 97.6 K12 FM plays more electro indie, dance-punk and acid house music.

Most Ronin vehicles are set to this station.[6]


The DJ in Saints Row 2 is C.B. DeCaro, voiced by Courtenay Kellen Taylor.

SR2 announcer K12 00044 CB DeCaro


Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

In Saints Row: The Third, K12 97.6 plays dubstep, electronica and neo-trance.


The DJ in Saints Row: The Third is T-Roy.



T-Roy accepts phone calls from various civilians.

  • K12 T-Roy Zimos radio misc media 00522
    A caller asking about Zimos.
  • K12 T-Roy Safeword and genres radio misc media 00324
    T-Roy mentions Safeword
  • K12 Heartbeats dedicated to Pierce radio misc media 00129
    Heartbeats dedicated to Pierce


Saints Row IVEdit

In Saints Row IV, K12 97.6 plays dubstep, house, electro house.


The DJ in Saints Row IV is Jane Valderama.





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